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C. S. Lewis Bibliography

My Commentary on The ScrewTape Letters
Part 1: Introduction, Outline and Overview
Part 2: Literary Sources - Dependence on the Bible
Part 3: Literary Sources - Milton's Paradise Lost
Part 4: Literary Sources - Other Influences
Part 5: Key Themes - Natural Sciences, Time and Change, and Metaphysics
Part 6: Key Themes - Theology Proper and Christology
Part 7: Key Themes - Human Nature, Hamartiology, and Ecclesiology
Part 8: Key Themes - Sanctification, Heaven and Hell, Angels and Demons, and Moral questions
Part 9: Key Themes - Divine Sovereignty and Human Free-will
Part 10: Key Themes - The Problem of Evil and a Soul-making Theodicy

My Commentary on Till We Have Faces
Part 1: Introduction and Overview
Part 2: Summary of the Story (spoiler alert)
Part 3: Key Themes - The Nature of Love
Part 4: Key Themes - The Hiddenness of God and the Problem of Evil
Part 5: Key Themes - The Argument from Joy/Desire
Part 6: A Necessary Post Scriptum - Loving the god of the Mountain as the best thing for Psyche

On Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Literature
Notes on Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Literature by C. S. Lewis: Arranged according to theme
Book Review: C. S. Lewis, Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Literature

On A Grief Observed

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