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Recommended Readings for beginners in philosophy

The purpose of this reading guide is to enable anyone who is going to study (or who is studying) in a field other than philosophy, but who desires a complete education (which necessarily includes the study of philosophy), to have an introduction to philosophy which is sufficient to allow them to understand the primary issues, and their implications for other areas of study. My goal here is for the student to be led, in the most orderly way, through his readings. As such, I would suggest reading the following major sections (representing the major branches of Philosophy) in order, and reading, at least, the first suggestion in each section before moving on to the following major section. I will suggest, in each major section: the best place to start - (a), alternative readings which are helpful (b & c). For each suggested reading, I try to give some books that could be great complimentary readings.
It will be quite obvious that I tend to suggest primarily those books which are influ…