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The Outline of my book on the History of Christian Apologetics

Table of Contents DedicationAcknowledgementsPrefaceTable of ContentsIntroductionThe purpose of this courseWhat is Apologetics?Survey of the History of the ChurchThe Apostolic Period: The Apostles and the Early Church (c. 33-100 A. D.)The social, historical, religious and intellectual context of this periodi.Politics ii.Intellectual and Religious Influences iii.Socio-cultural pressures The Apostle Pauli.Overview of the Life and ministry of the Apostle Paul ii.The Apologetical Approach of the Apostle Paul 1.The Epistles of Paul and Apologetics 2.The Apologetical Method, and the Apologetical Arguments, of the Apostle Paul 3.Paul’s defense of the Resurrection The Apostle Peteri.