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Over the last couple of months, I have been writing short biographies of some of the greatest apologists in the history of the Christian church. I don’t profess to be the ideal biography writer, however, I thought I might be helpful to outline how I proceed in writing a biography. Perhaps it will help others, and perhaps others will have some advice to add to what I have said below. Here are the main steps that I take when writing a biography.
(1) I begin the biography with a comment, or section (even a chapter if it is book length), about why it is important to read about his life. The reader needs motivation to get into the next chapter. This section may include an interesting story from their life, some quote about the importance of this person, or some experience that the biographer had as they were preparing to write about the person in question.
(2) I then outline the person’s early life, as much as is possible: family, social, and cultural context. If you have access to his own i…