METAPHYSICS BOOK Z, CH. 1 (1028a13-15): Comparing translations - Part 3

This is the next line in book Z of Aristotle's Metaphysics. I am not posting any additional comments about this line as I just posted, as Part 2, the footnote that I wrote concerning the translation of οὐσία (see here, click here for part 1). As in the first post, the important terms are highlighted in order to facilitate comparison, and comprehension.

(1028a13-15) τοσαυταχῶς δὲ λεγομένου τοῦ ὄντος φανερὸν ὅτι τούτων πρῶτον ὂν τὸ τί ἐστιν, ὅπερ σημαίνει τὴν οὐσίαν …,

My Translation – We speak of the Being in so many other ways, it is manifest that the primary of these, the what-is-Being, is the very thing which is signified (or pointed to) by the οὐσίαν.[1]

Ross – “While ‘being’ has all these senses, obviously that which ‘is’ primarily the ‘what’, which indicates the substance of the thing.”

Tredennick – “Now of all these senses which ‘being’ has, the primary sense is clearly the ‘what,’ which denotes the substance.”

Apostle – “Although ‘being’ is used in so many senses, it is evident that of these the primary sense is whatness, and used in this sense it signifies a substance.”

Tricot – « Mais, entre toutes ces acceptions de l’Être, il est clair que l’Être au sens premier est le ‘ce qu’est la chose’, notion qui n’exprime rien d’autre que la Substance. »

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