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In order to properly understand the writing of any author it is advisable to outline his work. Once you have seen how the work divides up into its individual parts, you can then understand how it fits together. Also, certain subjects are often treated in different parts of one work, therefore, outlining the work will help to discover each of these parts and to understand them in their context. Below is my outline for the parts of Aristotle's Metaphysics that are relative to his answer to the question of Being. If you see any place for improvement, please feel free to let me know. If this can be of help to anyone in their research, I am glad to be of service (just make sure to include appropriate citation notes). For those who are unfamiliar with Aristotle, the Capital Greek letters represent the traditional divisions of the different main sections of Aristotle's work.

D (chs. 7-8) 1.Ways in which things are said to be (1017a7-1017b9) a.Accidental Being (1017a8-23) b.Essential Bein…