Canadian Apologetics Coalition: Contending for Life and Sexuality

     The Canadian Apologetics Coalition is doing a blog series on Abortion and Human Sexuality. Here is the first blog in the series, Omnibus Bill C-150: True Progress?, published by Jojo Ruba and Justin Wishart on the Faith Beyond Belief Blog. Faith Beyond Belief is an apologetics ministry based in Calgary, Alberta. This blog looks at the Omnibus C-150 Bill which "legalized birth control, divorce, homosexuality and abortion among others." 

      There will be 8 more blog posts in this series by bloggers across Canada touching on subjects such as: 

May 16 - Is Abortion Morally Right or Wrong (A Philosophical Perspective) by David Haines

May 18 - Making a Clear and Concise Case for Life by Tim Barnett

May 20 - Abortion and the Bible: Why Pro-life by Jonathon Van Maren

May 22 - A Personal Story of Adoption by Stephen J. Bedard

May 24 - Living in Colour: Recovering after Abortion by Mckenzie Hahn

May 26 - Homosexuality: Beyond Society and Into Theology by Steven Richard Martins

May 28 - Birth Control by Maaike Rosendal

May 30 - Defending the Inherent Value of Life by Jojo Ruba

Plus, one extra post - The Orwellian World of the Secular Left by Luis Dizon

Keep your eyes open as I will be sharing these various posts as they come out. 

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