Contending for Easter: A series about the Resurrection of Jesus

We are coming up to the time of the year when we celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter celebrations seem to have lost their focus, however, and the great majority of Canadians spend more time celebrating chocolate eggs and some strangely evolved bunny who leaves these chocolate eggs all over the place. Beginning tomorrow (Sunday, March 24) and running through Easter Sunday (March 31), I will be linking a series of blog articles from the recently formed, Canadian Apologetics Coalition - a group of apologetics-minded Canadian bloggers who are defending the Christian faith through conferences and blog posts. Each day, this week, I will update this post in order to provide links to the relevant article. On Saturday, March the 30th, I will be publishing my own post as my contribution to the series.

The following blog posts will be released on the dates leading up to Easter 2013:

Contending for Easter: Putting It All On The Line 
By Tim Barnett | Sunday, March 24th

Tim Barnett (BSc, BEd) is a high school science teacher and the founder of Clear Thinking Christianity. His passion is to train Canadian Christians--both young and old--to think clearly about their Christian convictions because Christianity is worth think about. God willing, Tim will start his MA in Philosophy at Southern Evangelical Seminary this fall. Website: Clear Thinking Christianity

Contending for Easter: The Gospel Truth: Or Is It? 
By Tawa Anderson | Monday, March 25th

Tawa Anderson was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, where he earned his BA in Political Science at the U of A (1997), and his MDiv from Edmonton Baptist Seminary (2000). He served as English pastor at Edmonton Chinese Baptist Church from 2001-2008 before returning to school to earn his PhD in Philosophy, Apologetics & Worldview from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Louisville, Kentucky). Tawa now serves as Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Oklahoma Baptist University (Shawnee, Oklahoma), and returns regularly to Canada to preach, teach, and visit family and friends. Personal blog: Tawapologetics

Contending for Easter: They Sought To Kill Him, But Did They Succeed? 
By Paul Buller | Tuesday, March 26th

Paul enjoys discussing and teaching on philosophy of science, philosophy of ethics and theology among other related topics. He is an engineer, husband and father of two. He is the author of Arguing with Friends: Keeping Your Friends and Your Convictions. Website: Why Jesus?

Contending for Easter: The Unlikely Undertaker 
By Kelly Madland | Wednesday, March 27th

Kelly Madland is a wife, mom, and community apologist who has hosted a local apologetics conference called 'Thinking Clearly About God' in Kamloops. She has been leading a bible study on campus at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC. She is also a part of the Ratio Christi Canada development team, and is looking forward to completing her Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics in 2014. Personal blog: Think Clearly

Contending for Easter: Come, See Where He Lay  
By Justin Wishart | Thursday, March 28th

Justin Wishart is the general editor and blogger for Faith Beyond Belief and lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is most interested in issues surrounding Christian philosophy, particularly epistemology and early Christian thought. Justin is a husband and a father. He currently works as a mechanic and enjoys many hobbies such as camping, hiking, and creating music. Website: Faith Beyond Belief

Contending for Easter: Seeing is Believing 
By Stephen J. Bedard | Friday, March 29th  

Stephen J. Bedard (MDiv, MTh, MA, DMin (cand.)) is the director of Hope's Reason Ministries and an instructor at Emmanuel Bible College and Tyndale University College. Website: Hope's Reason

Contending for Easter: How To Turn A Skeptic Into A Believer  

By David Haines | Saturday, March 30th
David Haines was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. He holds a BTh from Covington Theological Seminary and an MA in Philosophy from Southern Evangelical Seminary. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Philosophy at University Laval. Personal blog is: David Haines Philosophy Website: Association Axiome

Contending for Easter: Why Canadians Still Need Easter 
By Jojo Ruba | Sunday, March 31st

Jojo Ruba is committed to equipping Christians to be good ambassadors for Christ. He does this as a youth pastor with Faith Builder International Church in Calgary as well as a public speaker and executive director of Faith Beyond Belief. His experiences speaking at public forums, university debates and in Christian settings have helped him understand how we can better communicate the truth of the gospel. Through Faith Beyond Belief, Jojo shares solid tools to help Christians engage their culture with compassion but without compromise. Website: Faith Beyond Belief

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