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Leisure: The Basis of Culture & the Philosophical Act. Josef Pieper. Translated by Alexander Dru. 1963. Reprint, Ignatius Press, 2009. 143 pp. $12.99. ISBN 978-1-58617-256-5.
            This book is composed of two articles written by the German philosopher Josef Pieper. Though the two articles are intimately connected, they form two distinct works; as such, this book review will begin by giving a brief introduction to the works in question, followed by and exposition of each of the works individually. The two articles that are included in this book, Leisure: the Basis of Culture and The Philosophical Act, were both published in 1947, and, as such, were written during the cultural crisis in Germany that followed the Second World War. Not only did Pieper have the cultural crisis in mind when he wrote these articles, but he was also writing in light of the works of the most well-known German philosopher of the time – Martin Heidegger. As such, any reader who is familiar with Heidegg…


God and Morality: Four Views. R. Keith Loftin, ed. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2012. 175pp. $22.00. ISBN 978-0-8308-3984-1.
            I will begin by saying that I absolutely love the Four Views series of books. Publishing a book in which four reputable scholars explain their own particular views on a subject and give an analysis of the views of the other three scholars is a great idea. The exchange of ideas, and dialogue amongst those who disagree on any given subject, is absolutely necessary for anybody who is honestly seeking truth. Of course, this type of book creates is difficult to review. Are we reviewing the work of the editor or the work of the authors of the individual articles, or both? In this book review, I will do a little of both. I will begin by noting the proposed purpose of the book, and its structure. Then, I will give a brief overview of the main articles, along with a couple of observations about the claims made by the authors of each article. Finally…