Bruxy Cavey on the Calvinism/ Arminianism debate

    A friend of mine reminded me of a well-known preacher, Bruxy Cavey, who did a series on the Calvinism & Arminianism debate. I greatly enjoyed the first sermon in this series (I haven't had time to look at the others), which is entitled "Embracing Grace", it can be found at the following link, in the 2011 sermon series called "Chosen & Choosing: How God's Life Becomes Ours". Bruxy Cavey, as he says in the first sermon became for a number of years a Calvinist, but returned to Arminianism. He has some very interesting insights. Please take the time to look at these sermons, they are very informative.

    By the way all of his sermons can be downloaded in either mp3 format, or as videos in m4v format.

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