A Thought on the Importance of Discussion

   Socrates, in the Protagoras, notes that it is important for us to discuss our ideas for the simple reason that we "see" better when we pass our ideas off on others.

   Quoting Homer he says, "Going in tandem, one perceives before the other (348d)." This is easily illustrated by the tandem bike. When one is riding a Tandem, the one in front sees what is coming before the other. However they both participate in the movement of the bicycle. Socrates goes on to explain why he quoted Homer. He says, "Human beings are simply more resourceful this way in action, speech, and thought. If someone has a private perception, he immediately starts going around and looking until he finds somebody he can show it to and have it  corroborated (348d)."

  Regardless of the subject we need to test our ideas on others as to their coherence, and truth. In order to do so, we must be ready to acknowledge that we may be wrong.

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