the purpose of this blog

In this blog I will be posting my thoughts on philosophy and theology. As a philosopher I am seeking truth, and will be presenting arguments for the claims I make. I would ask that, when you read my thoughts, you do not allow your emotional attachment to a certain claim distract you from objectively examining the arguments that I present.
As I am bilingual I will be posting, sometimes in french, sometimes in english. If you cannot read my thoughts in the language that they are written in, there are plenty of online text translator programs that you can use (such as google, or babblefish).
I welcome discussion on my views as long as it is relevant, respectful, and objective. Arguments from authority are the weakest arguments that can be used, so, I will not respond to a post that says, "your view is wrong because...says that it's false." Any post that is disrespectful, irrelevant, or vulgar will be removed.
I hope that you will take the time to read my thoughts, and to interact with them.

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